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Archived Events

Rec Center Invites YOU to October Board Meeting

New Holland, PA - October 10, 2008 -- There will be a Board Meeting held at Garden Spot High School on October 23, 2008. The meeting will take place at 7pm, and be held in the Community Hall. If you have questions, or would like to learn more, please call (717) 354-4747. To view the invitation, please click here.

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Alan J. Houck Selected As Executive Director

New Holland, PA - August 14, 2007 -- The New Holland Recreation Center board has announced the appointment of Alan J. Houck as Executive Director of The New Holland Recreation Center located in New Holland, PA.

According to The New Holland Recreation Center Board, "Mr. Houck's experience is a perfect fit for heading up the new and exciting Recreation Center." The Recreation Board was impressed with Mr. Houck's past educational and professional sport and health positions as health and Physical Education Teacher art Garden Spot Middle School for over 19 years where he was recognized as PA State Middle Scholl Physical Education "Teacher of the year" in 2006.

Mr. Houck's community service to the New Holland community has included experiences as a COPE Director/Cope Committee chair for PA Dutch Council of BSA, PIAA Soccer Official for 23 years and served as head Rifle Coach, boy's Soccer Coach and assistant coach at Garden Spot Middle School and high school varying from 5 to 9 years. His past experience has included service as Chief Officer of Wilderness Emergency Strike Team (Search and Rescue) for 18 years and roles on the International Rescue Association, as a registered PA EMT for Ephrata Community Ambulance and as leader of Memorial Day Corps for the New Holland Area American Legion Honor guard for the last 24 Years.

Most notably, Mr. Houck has served as a Staff Sergeant for the United States Marine Corps reserve for 9 years. He is married to wife Kristina (Kris) and have two sons Curtis 15 and Christopher 13.

The New Holland Recreation Center
The Recreation center on the (northwest) corner of the former Good's Furniture Warehouse, was selected by the New Holland Recreation Center Board a number of months ago, to take advantage of an existing structure offering lower costs than building new and additional available space if needed in the future.

With an emphasis on family, the New Holland Recreation Center will offer various programs that encourage parents and children to simultaneously participate in their own activity, or come together and participate with all members of the family. To support parents with young children, the Center will also provide on-site childcare while the parent recreates.

The recreation center will also offer traditional and alternative intramural sports and recreation activities to school aged youth. All youth programs are designed to encourage each participant achieve their full potential while working with and supporting others within their recreational program. Health and aerobics programs will be offered, featuring the newest technology in weights and cardiovascular equipment. Wellness classes will also introduce health, nutrition and safety topics.

The programs of the recreation center will complement, rather than compete with, the activities currently available to residents of our community. We will seek to establish collaborative relationships with area schools, existing recreational facilities such as the park and the community pool, other sport and recreation programs, businesses, municipalities and others who are seeking to meet the recreation needs in Eastern Lancaster County.

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Planting Suggestions for Your Colorado Blue Spruce

Outdoor Planting:

  • Choose a sunny location.
  • Prepare a hole 18" across and 12" deep.
  • Half-fill with rich soil. Mix in some dry leaves or pine needles.
  • Remove seedling from protective casing. Center root plug.
  • Fill hole and pack soil firmly but gently.
  • Soak well with at least one gallon of water. (Under watering is more harmful than over watering)
  • Water regularly when there is no rain.

Indoor planting:

  • Choose a large container (approx. one gallon) with drainage holes in the bottom.
  • Follow out-door planting instructions, watering well.
  • After initial watering, water only when very dry.
  • In the Fall, place in a cool spot away from direct heat, to set dormancy until spring.

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